We support teams and groups in search of expanding working capabilities. Our facilitation aims to leverage the following factors:

  • Build alignment of goals and priorities.
  • Define, implement and sustain working ways that simultaneously multiply creative and execution capabilities.
  • Allow contribution of different forms of thinking, feeling and acting.
  • Agree on performance management processes and learning mechanisms.

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High performance teams and groups are the result of several elements among the following ones:

  • The stability degree of relationships among people with different styles and competences, who interact interdependently in search of a common goal.
  • The ability to adapt since they are inserted in highly dynamic contexts, subject to external forces. Such “adaptation” includes “anticipation” and “reaction” to external stimulus.

Mindful Leaders are able to build up in their teams the ability to make the most off differences across members and positively extend their talents so they can intelligently deal with emotions, learn from experience, create and sustain relations that generate confidence even in potentially conflicting situations.

When everybody in a team think, feel and act the same way, discussions can become redundant and transactional. Leaders must be sensitive to the various signs that the team needs support, as highlighted below:

  • “Massive agreement” on several subjects.
  • Perception of conflict avoidance among members.
  • Lack of ability to deal with emotions in complex subjects discussions.
  • Low resilience to resume activities after conflicting decision making.

Each case is unique and we work preliminarily with the leader in order to know his/her understanding and expectations on the situation before talking to other key stakeholders in order to build a map that reflects strategic business needs and people’s expectations.