We are able to support our clients in projects that demand interdisciplinary approaches in order to deliver effective solutions that ultimately increase their organizational capabilities and results.

Change Management & Culture

We support the strategic planning and facilitate organizational change processes in its many phases:

  • Alignment of the leadership team to define purpose and expected outcomes in strategy, structure, processes, teams and other organizational elements.
  • Map resources, barriers and define responsibilities.
  • Process governance design and communication strategy.
  • Inclusion and engagement of teams.
  • Implementation, monitoring and conclusion.


Change in organizational systems generates anxiety due to the perception of uncertainty, which opens space for inappropriate behaviors and other effects – as shown below – that negatively impact the organization’s results and competitive capabilities:

  • Speculations that increase risks of unproductive conflicts.
  • Interpersonal relationships get shaken causing loss of trust and disruption in working processes.
  • Skepticism, decrease of engagement and organizational climate deterioration.

Leaders need to be emotionally prepared to deal with such effects in themselves and in their teams and also to be supported by a methodology, which allows them to manage the situation in a proactive, aligned, and strategic way in order to:

  • Visualize the process in its whole and in parts so they can plan and anticipate actions that sustain the change.
  • Identify and measure key milestones of the process.
  • Generate collaboration, trust and engagement despite ambiguity and potential feeling of disorientation due to the transition from the “old” to the “new” way of working.
  • Prepare individuals and teams to consciously deal with the effects of change, assume different roles, responsibilities and understand new ways of working.
  • Engage people, generate collaboration and boost focus on results.

For us each case is unique since we do not believe in the adoption of “successful management systems” from other companies, but in the organizational evolution through both engagement and learning of its people.

Strategic Planning

We provide support in reaching better solutions and alignment in strategic planning processes aiming to increase competitive capabilities and performance:

  • Design of company’s vision and mission, alignment of strategic drivers based on competitive intelligence and business scenarios.
  • Goal setting, KPI’s and milestones definition based on the business dynamics and company reality.
  • Mapping of existing organizational resources (structure, processes & systems, people, culture and others) as well as opportunities of business leverage.
  • Mapping of risks, barriers and respective impacts e adjustment needs.

Organizational Assessments & Insight Generation

We carry out assessments of organizational situations aiming at offering potential alternative questions, points of views and facilitate discussions allowing teams and groups so they can build decisions and/or agree on plans about relevant subjects with focus on results and in a plural and coordinated way.