At Euris we support people in developing and implementing strategies so they can master their challenges and build working relationships that generate trust, commitment, learning and focus on results.

What we do:

  • Consultancy in organizational change, strategic planning, organizational assessment and insight generation.
  • Facilitate team and group working.

Organizations can be seen as opened and highly dynamic systems, which are constantly subject to external and also internal forces of different natures and intensities, which generate misalignment and complexity.

Being able to build alignment, encourage, engage and sustain people’s commitment around a mission, a set of values and a common dream is a distinctive capability for reaching strategic objectives and organizational success.

At Euris we facilitate the building of such alignment with practical approaches also based on following assumptions:

  • The reciprocity principle: people are change agents and simultaneously respond to changes while interacting for the design and reach of their goals. We believe in the power of creativity in interpersonal relations around a positive agenda.
  • Integration of science, art and experience: we work with consistent methodologies and create opportunities allowing different forms of knowledge and expression, such as reason, emotion and intuition, to converge in order to achieve sustainable and higher performance.
  • We work with people: the strategy, the structure, the processes and the culture of an organization become real and gain meaning through people and by being together with them we build the best solutions.
  • Work is a way to expand one’s personal frontiers: Our actions aim to explore and awake what clients have best so they can reach different limits and better results.

The name Euris comes from Heuristics, word of Greek origin that means discovery and is also associated to learning through experience and action. We believe there are available resources to be discovered in every person and organizations and, that it is possible to create ways that put such discoveries into action in a strategic form.